Be a supporter, not a protector

There are cultures and environments in our society where young boys are taught to protect their sisters. Being protected may sound nice and harmless to some, but for others, it means being robbed of the right to make your own decisions. We call this negative social control. Support Not Protect works to change this pattern. We help young boys find their own voice, so they learn to stand up for themselves. We want young boys to share their feelings and have a platform where they are heard, so they can find the words they need to talk to their sisters. We support boys in their fight against systematic oppression and negative social control.

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The story of Mouchine

The story of Mouchine

Mouhcine El Kamlichi works with Support Not Protect’s school education and summer activities. He is also a driving force in the collaboration with SpeakLab. He has himself participated in courses on voice use and has participated in several radio programs and conferences.

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The fight against negative social control starts here.